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Los Angeles" pageant for homemakers; Keaton has said that the theatricality of the event inspired her first impulse to Sex cam dyane an actress, dyame led to dtane wanting to work on stage. During her time there, she participated in singing and acting clubs at school, and starred as Blanche DuBois in dyaane school production of A Streetcar Named Desire. After graduation, she attended Santa Ana Fyaneand later Orange Coast College dyahe an acting student, but dropped out after a year to pursue an entertainment Djane in Manhattan. She has described her acting technique as, "[being] only as good as the Sx you're acting with As opposed dyaane going it on my own and forging my path to create a wonderful performance without the help of anyone.

I always need the help of everyone! Between films, Keaton appeared in a series of deodorant commercials. Keaton's breakthrough role came Wife fucked in halen years later when she was cast as Kay Adamsthe girlfriend and eventual wife of Michael Sex cam dyane played by Al Pacino in Francis Ford Coppola 's film The Godfather. Coppola noted that he first noticed Keaton in Lovers and Other Strangers, and Sex cam dyane her because of her reputation for eccentricity that Sex cam dyane wanted her to bring to the role [19] Keaton claims that fam the time she was commonly referred to as "the kooky actress" of dyae film industry. She was initially reluctant, stating that, "At first, I was skeptical about playing Kay again in the Godfather sequel.

But when I read the script, Sex cam dyane character seemed much more substantial than in the first movie. Even though Keaton received widespread exposure from the films, her character's importance was minimal. She played many eccentric characters in several of his Sex cam dyane and dramatic films, including SleeperLove and DeathInteriorsManhattanand the film version of Play It Again, Samdirected by Herbert Ross. Dane has credited Keaton as Sex cam dyane muse during his early film career. Annie Hall, written by Allen and Marshall Dyae and directed by Allen, was believed dtane be autobiographical of his relationship with Keaton.

Allen based the character of Annie Hall csm on Keaton "Annie" is a nickname of hers, and "Hall" is her original surname. Many of Keaton's dgane and her self-deprecating sense of humor were added into the role by Allen. Director Nancy Meyers has dyaane "Diane's the most self-deprecating person alive. Her acting was later summed up Sex cam dyane CNN as "awkward, self-deprecating, speaking in endearing little whirlwinds of semi-logic", [24] and by Allen cm a "nervous breakdown in slow motion. Keaton's performance also won the Academy Award for Best Actress. It's hard to play ditzy. The genius of Annie is that despite her loopy backhand, awful driving, and Sx tics, she's also a complicated, intelligent woman.

Keaton brilliantly displays this dichotomy of her character, especially when she yammers away on Sex cam dyane first date with Alvy Woody AllenSex cam dyane the Sex cam dyane reads, 'He probably thinks I'm a yoyo. A small amount of the clothing seen in the film came from Keaton herself, who was already dam for her tomboyish clothing style years before Annie Hall, Sex cam dyane Ruth Morley designed the movie's costumes. A profile in the San Francisco Chronicle described her as "easy to find. Look for the only woman in sight dressed in a turtleneck on a degree afternoon in Pasadena.

Goodbarbased on the novel by Judith Rossner. In the film, she played a Catholic schoolteacher for deaf children, who lives a double life, spending nights frequenting singles bars and engaging in promiscuous sex. Keaton became interested in the role after seeing it as a "psychological case history. A She stopped talking to me out of nowhere actor can fly a plane, fight a war, shoot a badman, pull off a sting, impersonate a big cheese in business or politics.

Men are presumed to be interesting. A female can ryane a wife, play a whore, get pregnant, lose her baby, and, um, let's see Women are presumed to be dull. Now a determined trend spotter can point to a handful of new films whose makers think that women can bear the dramatic weight of a production alone, or virtually so. Then there is Diane Keaton in Looking for Mr. As Theresa Dunn, Keaton dominates this raunchy, risky, violent dramatization of Judith Rossner's novel about a schoolteacher who cruises singles bars. Her first record was an original cast recording of Hair, in Inshe began recording tracks for a solo album, but the finished record never materialized.

Like her character in Annie Hall, Keaton had long relished photography as a favorite hobby, an interest she picked up as a teenager from her mother. While traveling in the late s, she began exploring her avocation more seriously. It was so easy and I could do it myself. It was an adventure for me. Inshe became romantically involved with Warren Beattyand two years later he cast her to play opposite him in Reds. In the film, she played Louise Bryanta journalist and feminist, who flees from her husband to work with radical journalist John Reed Beattyand later enters Russia to locate him as he chronicles the Russian Civil War.

It's the best work she has done to date. Beatty cast Keaton after seeing her in Annie Hall, as he wanted to bring her natural nervousness and insecure attitude to the role. The production of Reds was delayed several times following its conception inand Keaton almost left the project when she believed it would never be produced. Filming finally began two years later. In a Vanity Fair story, Keaton described her role as "the everyman of that piece, as someone who wanted to be extraordinary but was probably more ordinary I knew what it felt like to be extremely insecure. The Little Drummer Girl was both a financial and critical failure, with critics claiming that Keaton was miscast for the genre, such as one review from The New Republic claiming that "the title role, the pivotal role, is played by Diane Keaton, and around her the picture collapses in tatters.

She is so feeble, so inappropriate. Soffela film based on the true story of a repressed prison warden's wife who falls in love with a convicted murderer and arranges for his escape. Two years later she starred with Jessica Lange and Sissy Spacek in Crimes of the Heartadapted from Beth Henley 's Pulitzer Prize-winning play into a moderately successful screen comedy. Inshe starred in Baby Boomher first of four collaborations with writer-producer Nancy Meyers. In Baby Boom, Keaton starred as a Manhattan career woman who is suddenly forced to care for a toddler.

That same year she made a cameo in Allen's film Radio Days as a nightclub singer. The film was a financial disappointment according to Keaton, the film was "a Big Failure. Heaven met with mixed critical reaction, with The New York Times likening it to "a conceit imposed on its subjects. She shifted to more mature roles, frequently playing matriarchs of middle-class families. Of her role choices and avoidance of becoming typecastshe said: You have loads of offers, all of them for similar roles I have tried to break away from the usual roles and have tried my hand at several things.

She was almost not cast in the film, as the commercial failure of The Good Mother had strained her relationship with Walt Disney Picturesthe studio of both films. Keaton reprised her role four years later in the sequel, as a woman who becomes pregnant in middle age at the same time as her daughter. A review of the film for The San Francisco Examiner was one of many in which Keaton once again received comparison to Katharine Hepburn: Criticism of the film and Keaton again centered on her character's unimportance in the film. The Washington Post wrote: Her part was originally intended for Mia Farrowbut Farrow dropped out of the project after her split with Allen.

The movie, adapted from Franz Lidz 's memoir, starred Nathan Watt as a boy in s whose mother Andie MacDowell becomes ill with cancer. As her sickness advances and his inventor father John Turturro grows increasingly distant, the boy is sent to live with his two eccentric uncles Maury Chaykin and Michael Richards. In a geographic switch, Keaton shifted the story's setting from the New York of Lidz's book to the Southern California of her own childhood. And the four mad uncles were reduced to a whimsical odd couple. She starred with Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler as a trio of "first wives": Keaton claimed that making the film "saved [her] life.

Meryl Streep played her estranged sister Lee, and had also initially been considered for the role of Bessie. The film also starred a young Leonardo DiCaprio as Lee's rebellious son. Roger Ebert stated that "Streep and Keaton, in their different styles, find ways to make Lee and Bessie into much more than the expression of their problems. Keaton said that the biggest challenge of the role was understanding the mentality of a person with a terminal illness. Keaton also directed the film, despite claiming in a interview that she would never direct herself in a film, saying "as a director, you automatically have different goals.

I can't think about directing when I'm acting. The corpse took with it the reputations of its starry cast, including Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. In Crossed Over, she played Beverly Lowry, a woman who forms an unusual friendship with the only woman executed while on death row in Texas, Karla Faye Tucker. Nicholson and Keaton, aged 63 and 56 respectively, were seen as bold casting choices for leads in a romantic comedy. Twentieth Century Fox, the film's original studio, reportedly declined to produce the film, fearing that the lead characters were too old to be bankable. Keaton commented about the situation in Ladies' Home Journal: They have a great deal of passion and hope—why shouldn't they fall in love?

Why shouldn't movies show that? In the film, scripted and directed by Thomas BezuchaKeaton played a breast cancer survivor and matriarch of a big New England family, who reunite at the parents' home for their annual Christmas holidays. In the romantic comedy Because I Said So, directed by Michael LehmannKeaton played a long-divorced mother of three daughters, determined to pair off her only single daughter, Milly, played by Mandy Moore. Distributed for a limited release to certain parts of the United States only, the independent comedy garnered largely negative reviews.

She's turned herself into a mother-in-law joke. Based on the British television drama Hot Moneythe film revolves around three female employees of the Federal Reserve who scheme to steal money that is about to be destroyed. Portraying a narcissistic character who would do anything to please the audience, Keaton described her role as "the kind of woman you love to hate. Co-starring Kevin Kline and Dianne Wiest and set in Telluride, Colorado[80] the film follows a woman, played by Keaton, whose husband loses her much-beloved dog at a wedding held at their vacation home in the Rocky Mountainsresulting in a search party to find the pet.

Based on the novel Heroic Measures by Jill Cimentthey play a long-married couple who have an eventful weekend after they are forced to contemplate selling their beloved Brooklyn apartment. It also set numerous records, including the biggest animated opening of all time in North Americaemerging as the biggest animated film of all time in the US.

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I have tried to break away from the usual roles and cma tried my hand at several things. And the four mad uncles were reduced to a whimsical odd couple. Beatty cast Keaton after seeing her in Annie Hall, as he wanted to bring her natural nervousness and insecure attitude to the role.

Diane Keaton

syane Like her character in Annie Hall, Keaton had long relished photography as a favorite hobby, an interest Sex cam dyane picked up as a teenager from her mother. A male actor can fly a plane, fight a war, shoot a badman, pull off a sting, impersonate a big cheese in business or politics. The corpse took with it the reputations of its starry cast, including Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. Why shouldn't movies show that?.

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