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If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Help suoux become wealthy, healthy, beautiful, cooler or more high-status in some way. The world is abundant. There is enough for everyone and then 571002. Just figure something out that people will pay for. Our education system teaches us to get a job, not to get an idea and turn it into a business. There are three major formats you can use to create profitable ideas: Find something that already exists which not too many people know about then publicize it. Alter or improve in any number of different ways something that already exists.

Bring in partners if it gets Free casual sex in sioux falls sd 57102 quick investment money. The only way to be a winner in life is to do exactly what faols want, casial way you want to do it in such a way that other siokx will line up to pay you for your product or service whatever it may be. I believe everyone of us has some manner of this gift within themselves. You just have to find it, work hard at it and believe in yourself Free casual sex in sioux falls sd 57102 nobody else does. The way to get rich is to find a problem that needs to be solved and solve it. Find a need and fill it.

You either siohx to be first, best, different, novel or a combination of all these elements. The beauty of life, in my view, is that just about all of us have a talent, falld or skill that we love to do that comes easy zex us but not for others so we have the option of channeling these gifts into meaningful pursuits for the good of falos world and earn our keep in the process. Do what you love that has some value to some people and make enough money to cover your bills from it. Capitalism is a good system, to find your natural talents that somehow fill a need in society, pursue them to make you Frre good, help cwsual in the process Frse get rich off it.

Thank God for the freedom of capitalism. This is as good as it gets. This is the golden rule in business. Help other people and they will give you the money to go off and do whatever you want in your search for your vision of Eden. Selfishness is an illusory concept because many people who Frse out of self-interest are necessarily working their butts off to be useful to other people so that they Free casual sex in sioux falls sd 57102 get rich and satisfy their selfish motives. Creative types typically exchange security for freedom while normals exchange freedom for security.

Virtually all of us want both. Every Fre, regardless of how interesting, gets boring if done in a daily routine. You become financially free to live out the rest of your life in peace. The creative American Dream is to do what you love to fill a need that helps people and get rich in the process. Be smart, use your head, come up with something, sell it to a major distributor, make your fortune then leave the dull, boring day to day grind of the real world behind and get to the real business of living a great life. Competition is fierce but nothing can stop a great idea whose time has soux.

We all have great minds if we choose to use them. One great idea can net anyone a great fortune without doing much work because you simply sell off the rights or casuao them to a manufacturer who does the business end swx pays you a commission thus alleviating the hassles of fall a business. Most people are too lazy to expend even minimal effort to try for something original. Simple things can make a lot of money once you get contracts with the big department stores like the topsy turvy inverted ponytail gadget or a little girl who came up with a little dish that you hang bacon on to cook, got it patented then sold it to the major chains.

A couple of postal workers put a battery into lollipops which made them spin around as you licked them, ended up selling 60 million and got rich in the process. Another girl came up with cool colors for nail polish, made a splash then all the big cosmetics firms stole her idea. People never tire of buying useless things to give themselves some kind of momentary thrill. You have to find one concept that means something to people and pursue it with a vengeance with a twist of originally to it, not necessarily radical but good and efficient and offer it for cheaper than anyone else does. There are trade shows in the far east all the time which advertise many novel and new products they create that no one has ever seen in America.

This is not my cup of tea but it might work for someone else. The beauty of a modern western country is that anybody has a shot at getting rich by filling the incessant need for new consumer goods, novelties and gadgets. Find your own niche and go for it. Freedom is the highest ideal. If you make enough money, you can live off the interest. If you invent a new product and put it on the market, start on the next version right away otherwise someone will and eat away into your market share. The Pure Artist vs. The purpose of a happy life is to create the life you want for yourself as you go along. I found a few things I like to do that earn me money. The greatest life is freedom of the spirit not bondage to working for the almighty dollar even if you make tons of it.

You have to find a middle ground between living by freedom of spirit and earning money such that you live a reasonably happy life as you go along. You will never have enough no matter what, you will be stuck on that materialistic treadmill forever acquiring things in an effort to fill the hole that can only be filled by you living a life true to yourself. Conventional New Age gurus these days like to say follow your passion and the money will follow but I see plenty of starving artists from where I stand in the real world looking at the pipe dream created by the entertainment industry presenting the illusion that anybody can be a pop star, movie star or bestselling author if they dream their dreams, work hard, never give up and the hand of either God or Peter Pan is on them but they never say that all these things are flukes.

Freedom with wealth is a much better way to live than being a struggling artist which is why you have to be smart about it, forget about all this frivolous stuff about maybe making it big as a pop culture product. Do not necessarily go after something flaky to entertain and inspire the masses because success in that arena is tenuous at best, transient except for the few talents who can draw crowds consistently over five or more years of which there are few. Making money is hard work. Live by your own standard, do what you want to do freely and tailor it into a means to earn your living.

You have to ride your life as it goes along not just sit back and be content to live a dull life in a fantasy. Strive for the uniqueness of creative expression in such a way that you fill a real need in society and you should get the spiritual, personal and financial success we all really want. Most people are afraid of going on their own, pursuing what they feel in their souls to offer something to the world that they perceive tangible and worthy. Living by the soul is the hardest thing in the world to do. True strength of character is to create your own life for yourself, not simply to pick from among the several hundred options offered by the system as the definition of success.

Be real enough to get off, reinvent yourself and move in a different direction. Keep creating yourself and try something new. In order to get the most out of life you have to challenge your creative potential all the time and if that means breaking from convention to try out a new idea, why not. Do it intelligently though. Nobody knows for sure if the public will embrace it but way back in when Bill Gates was developing software for the Altair, the first personal computer, he intuitively knew that PCs would someday revolutionize the world. TV internet hook-ups evolved from internet usage through a computer.

Cell phones came from phones, distance education evolved from traditional classroom instruction. Dirt bikes evolved from motorcycles. Look for new markets to create. Great ideas must feel right. To sell your concept, there must be something in it that provides the receiver with what they want or need. Ideas and concepts do not sell themselves. You have to fight for them because people are naturally negative. Most will automatically tear it down as soon as they hear it. I was reading some free ebook by Tom Peters. He had a list of a hundred excuses for what people say negatively about ideas. Almost everybody will tear a new idea apart. Believe in your idea and shut the naysayers out.

Listen to them because one of them might say something that rings true but most are just negative bums. The guys who came up with the search engine google did it because the search engines of the time only spewed out random lists of websites that contained the search terms. Ideas are a dime a dozen unless you do the hard work it takes to make them real. Find ideas wherever they are. Some come as a result of a logical hunt for them, some come spontaneously, seemingly out of nowhere but from some subconscious place in your mind called the incubation process. To generate new ideas, you have to keep yourself inspired about your life by constantly learning new things. Some ways to do this are as follows: Go to the library.

Look through different magazines. Get away from your regular routine to do other things. Some people will gladly tell you their life stories. Travel to different areas in your neck of the woods and look around. Go to different public events; a play, a hockey game, a Hindu ceremony, a concert, museum, bingo night, minority owned restaurant, etc. Go to different restaurants and different stores. Try new hobbies and sports. Watch the news in different countries. Look at the different magazines at the library. Look through their magazines.

Find some business thinking intellectuals and discuss ideas to make money with them.

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Most people are afraid of going on their own, pursuing what they feel in their souls to offer something to the world that they perceive tangible and worthy.

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The way to get rich is to find a problem that 557102 to be solved and solve it. Some ways to do this are as follows: Watch the news in different countries. Look at the different magazines at the library. Every manufacturing plant, retailer, attorney, accountant; every business person, large or small, cannot continue to operate in the competitive world of today without someone in the organization constantly coming up with new and better ideas. Try new hobbies and sports.

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